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in Labuan Bajo and around Komodo National Park

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VIKO is a business unit of the Tiba Meka Mandiri Cooperative in Labuan Bajo. VIKO presents you tourism information around Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park (KNP).

Knowing Komodo NP

between conservation and tourism

Get to know the history of this area from before it became Komodo National Park.

Get to know the Komodo National Park Authority; its formation and main tasks.

Get to know the ecosystem in the Komodo National Park area. There are flora, fauna and also local communities.

Get to know the locations within the Komodo National Park that can be visited, and their carrying capacity.

Get to know how to make an online reservation before visiting Komodo National Park.


let's explore labuan bajo, komodo np and flores

Puncak Waringin

3D2N Fun and Easy in Labuan Bajo

Phinisi in Komodo National Park

3D2N Cruising Komodo National Park

Looking at Komodo dragons

Full Day Trip to Komodo National Park

Waerebo view

3D2N Explore Waerebo from Labuan Bajo

A couple of visitors in Padar island

2D1N Floating in the Komodo National Park

Mount Ebulobo

8D7N Discover Flores Overland

Need a tour package that can be tailored to your needs?
Feel free to get in touch with VIKO or your preferred local tour/dive operators in Labuan Bajo below.

Local Tour/Dive Operators

professional. safe. trusted.

Tourism has also sparked the entrepreneurial spirit of several local people in Manggarai Raya to set up a tour operator business.

The tour/dive operators registered with VIKO have become a member of the Tiba Meka Mandiri Cooperative and have received a permit to provide travel services within the Komodo National Park area.

Your trip to Komodo National Park will be safer and more enjoyable with a local tour operator.

Discovery Komodo Adventure

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Lejong Flores

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Komodo Trekker

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Getrudis Tour

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Local Tour/Dive Guide

friendly. experienced. reliable.

The Manggarai Barat Indonesian Tour Guide Association (HPI) listed over 250 members. The languages mastered by local tour guides also vary in terms of Indonesian, Chinese, English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch.

The tour guide registered with VIKO has also become a member of the Tiba Meka Mandiri Cooperative and has received permission to accompany guests in the Komodo National Park area.

Your trip to Komodo National Park will be safer and more comfortable with a local tour guide.

Rolan Landuk

Caring. Knowledgeable. Handy.

Jefri Hampu

Friendly. Family man. Flexible.

Boe Berkelana

Simple. Smart. Elegant.

Richard Bon

Responsive. Responsible. Reliable.

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The New Normal health protocol becomes the standard for tourism services in Labuan Bajo
Together, we care for and protect each other.

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